Business Support Virtual Assistant with 5 Years' Experience

My name is Charlene Makuni and my passion is to help people and businesses to identify their finance needs and achieve their financial goals. I also have a talent for managing relationships with clients. 

Before starting as a virtual assistant, I spent 5 years working in the banking and finance industry overseas and in Australia assisting businesses with acquiring finance for large scale projects, managing clients and working in the fight against financial crime. 

After spending time in these fulfilling roles, I want to help other professionals in the industry to stay afloat with office tasks, remain compliant with financial crime regulation and manage clients so that they can focus on growing their businesses. Working with you will help me to continue doing what I am passionate about. 

I am a first-time mum and have been enjoying spending time with my baby. My business gives me the flexibility to work anytime, anywhere and still make time for my family. In my time off I love to travel and enjoy reading books and learning about astrophysics.

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